wear scarves for men

 wear scarves for menScarf is, in fact, a rectangular piece of fabric. But despite its popularity among women men have always shied away from scarves. Some say scarf perfect love, because they are difficult for others to solve. The fact is that man is not a scarf for 2000 years and is an important part of the uniform of the Terracotta Warriors of China for modern aircraft. If you are one of those people who are too feminine or too difficult to choose the sound or too confused to find connection, here are some tips to bust this myth.

  • Scarf Choose Easy

We agree that more women scarves on the market, allowing people to a small fragment of the population wearing scarves. But that does not mean choosing a difficult men scarf. You should know the scarf is not for you, when printing (floral print, animal print, leopard print … you get the drift?) If the tone of strong, bright colors (think hot pink, electric blue, Irrigation magenta, …), as sequins, beads, fringes and tassels, embroidery and feminine airy and transparent, or in the case of very large towel or blanket. Given some of the options you may have to dig through shelf after shelf scarves men, but it is better than receiving colorful flowers printed scarf, just because it is in the menswear department.

  • Wearing a headscarf is not rocket science

There are some basic rules that you must choose the right scarf and bound to follow the right path. First, maintain a simple scarf. It is important to choose the comfort and performance in the mode. Depending on the length and thickness, there are a number of us in a connecting tissue. Note, however, that there is no scarf and belt. Therefore, we maintain a simple and easy.

  •  wear scarves for menVery masculine scarf

As already mentioned, scarves Men has been for years. In the army, they are often used to denote lines and units. Scarves became more widely used by military pilots, because they offer protection against the elements. Scarf is feminine, if you know what to take kind of scarf.

  • Functional scarves

They may be known for fashion feel now, but scarves also play an important role. They protect the neck of a man, a part of the body more vulnerable to the elements. Wool or cashmere scarf makes your neck warm in the biting cold of Nova Scotia, and a soft cloth scarf makes the heat away while you ogle the Sphinx in Egypt.

  • Style Shawl

A scarf is one of the accessories that can brighten up a plain outfit. No matter how annoying your clothing, a scarf can present the law flair and color with ease. A cashmere shawl can easily brighten embers jacket and watch cap bank, while a silk scarf instead of a tie at home can do wonders for your personal style.