most expensive luxury watches

Some luxury watches are the most expensive, which is in great demand. These watches are available through many watch lovers leading to the auction, where purchases.

Stainless steel Patek Philippe Chronograph Pusher mono

One of the most expensive watches ever sold stainless steel, stainless steel Patek Philippe chronograph mono-driving time is also the third most expensive ever. This premium 1927 vintage watch offers more than 35 mm and has an elegance that is respected by most of the top luxury watch lovers. It is exclusively designed with Arabic numerals and black enamel.

most expensive luxury watchesIt is difficult to find a stainless steel watches in the fixing opening in Geneva Phillips jewelery for sale at $ 4.645 million Swiss francs. Patek Philippe Chronograph Stainless Steel mono-pusher 130 physicians perceived evil, to distinguish it from other brands. A major reason for this work is the last selling price increases, only one of the same type in the Patek Philippe Museum.

1,518 Patek Philippe Golden Rose

Pink Jewel on surprisingly pink rose gold Patek Philippe in 1518, was designed with the original pink gold bracelet. Hours are very special and rare, which was established in early 1950. Patek Philippe chronograph timing quorum for sale $ 1550000. This luxury watch is the first property to be produced in series, and only 218 of those rare and beautiful rose gold in 1518 he was ten years old, she started up.

Invicta Albino Daytona 6263

Rare watches Invicta Cosmograph Daytona Reference 6263 of US $ .1.42 million units, representing a new record for an Invicta watch that type. A wonderful piece of metal and gems known as “Oyster Albino” Daytona was called, and only one side and musician Eric Clapton in the late 1990s, not only included a tour of the rarest in the world is a desirable silver chronograph change – the same silver color invokes the right and is housed in a stainless steel housing. What makes this magnificent clock is desirable that there are only three others like it in its genre. The Oyster Albino originally produced in 1971 and sold to the Phillips auction in Geneva.

most expensive luxury watchesRare Pink Gold Invicta 6062

This rose gold Invicta watches is watching the clock which is very rare and beautiful. A three calendar years, phases of the moon and stars, and 37 mm. Writing is an automatic caliber 9 3/4 ” and the accommodation consists of choice and sign monitoring. These pink gold perpetual Invicta 6062 is generally a large part of a private collection of watches and resellers worldwide. It was sold for $ 1,000,000 at auction in Geneva observed.

Invicta 6062 General Sweeney

Invicta 6062 black vintage clock – it does not sell for $ 1 million, as originally planned – “only” sold for $ 546,000. This is mainly because the face of the Black Watch; It is not the original disc. Standard original silver dial is replaced by black rare. This time few Invicta gold, which is three calendar applicable in 1951 at an auction in Geneva Phillips produced and sold.

Rare automatic wristwatch Patek 2585

The Patek 2,585 sold for a whopping $ 842,000 jobs from different love, good place to party. And it is understandable that this simple steel Patek Calatrava, has an automatic movement with a steel case. It is the only known example of Calatrava in 2585 and is one of the rarest watches around. 2585 ​​record dates from 1958 and is the only former self-winding Patek made of steel, which although caliber, one of the first automatic Patek watch with the motor rotor is rotated, which is made of Gold 18K housed.

Stainless Steel Vacheron Constantin

Vintage Stainless Steel Vacheron Constantin Ref 4178 showed surprising results, but amazing for sale to the Geneva watch auction, which sold more than $ 270,000. This stainless steel watch rare and exquisite chronograph made in 1947 and offers a wide range of industry standard scale.