comparison between black and brown

comparison between black and brownI am not here today to talk about the lack of color in fashion in general. I stopped here to talk about the lack of important neutral, which is as good as gone.

I’ll talk to brown.

Walk straight. Search online for chocolate something and see what happens. Tan, taupe, caramel, whiskey, honey and even beige. What is lacking is a true dark chocolate, one of the most versatile neutral.


Not because I arrived 28 years ago, the image consultant company that practices so empty, it has beautiful colors.

Again, there is nothing wrong with black. But often with age, especially, a lot of black can seem difficult and also the warmth and vitality of the skin and dull eyes.

For you, a black skirt shook his head in disbelief.

But look at yourself in the mirror and look tired or your wardrobe and you feel overwhelmed by all the black in there, you know what I mean.

In fact, in many cases the actual dark chocolate much more forgiving than the neutral black. But now you have to search high and low to find yet often come empty handed.

comparison between black and brownLast fall, I spend hours looking at my brown shoes and gave a number of customers and end. I come back again, but if anything it was even more difficult than the previous year.

So this article is for you sick and plunged into darkness or neutral (not gray, it is often not the best alternative) are different. Perfect Dark. (Navy is another, but do no good, because there are still some in the shops … thankfully!)

To begin your love affair with chocolate:

Choose Wisely Brown

All chocolate is not the same. Most of the black to be combined relatively easily in this case are not necessarily brown. What the chocolate cold, some hot.

Brown, the best chocolate, chocolate is very, very dark.

Browns Matching

This is true. If you are going to wear black more black people together (but not always). With a variety of chocolate is much harder to work and that is exactly why I am sharing this information with you.

It is a little more difficult to pair lighter than brown pants to be worn with a dark brown (although it looks great with a brown jeans). It is impossible, but it will make use of your feet when you wear brown shoes are lighter and you can be sure the tone (hot or cold) the same household. Here’s what I always When you accept delicate chocolate?

Brown has all the benefits of Black

Think about the three main reasons why you wear black. They are:

1. Slimming – The main reason is black, to lose weight because of darkness. Well, guess what. Brown invite you to use super jet.

2. Easy – Going black with black goes with black. Well, if you’re brown I suggest this article, I fixed it is also true.

3. Do not show dirt – Even dark brown.