About Silver jewelry

About Silver jewelrySilver when gold is used to make one of the oldest metal jewelry. Because of its ability to lubricate resistance when used, money is a symbol of purity. Today, this metal is popular not only for use in consumer goods, but also with the jewelry because of its versatility and affordability.

  • Character

Silver in its purest form is not sustainable due to the metal production smoothly with other metals used for jewelry when mixed. Silver metal alloy mixture to increase the longest period without incurring losses in the form of jewelry.

  • Type

The fine silver is expensive because it contains 99.9 percent silver coins 1 percent, alloys or other metals. This silver coins usually have a stamp 999 is used with the percentage of the money in the room. Another type of fine silver is silver, with 92.5 percent, 7.5 percent residual copper metal or other metal alloys. However, copper is preferred by jewelry because it will increase the complement of money metal and durability and hardness.

Plated or coated jewelry is often designed specifically for the garment industry, as they are less money, while retaining the beauty and durability. These parts are often the lining of the Silver, base metals and this will be done by plating or filling.

Argentium silver is the latest in a silver alloy, and is made of copper, silver and pure germanium. This type of metal is stronger and contain antibacterial hypoallergenic and nickel.

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Copper silver jewelry, it is important to check for signs stamped on the piece. Marker indicated the percentage of money. For those who have sensitive skin, it is necessary to ask whether it does not contain nickel from home most people have allergic reactions to nickel. For casual wear, is your ideal of money because of the appearance of a real coin, but cheaper. Note that should not be bathed in jewelry worn every day, because the thin layer can be placed on and expose the base metal, and cause skin irritation.

  • Maintenance

To make sure that no pieces of silver tarnish, there is an obligation to regularly use the parts to prevent oxidation. Parts that are not supported must be placed in a cool, dry place. Some stores offer jewelry box with a soft cloth to keep the jewelry contact. Another way to detention is a towel to the solution and polishing jewelery and to remove stains. Some detergents, ammonia or hydrogen sulfide, and other chemical substances that may cause damage to the silver.