Benefits of CISS For Your Work Office

In recent years, there has been a substantial growth in the number of freelance professionals, providing all manner of services from web design to business marketing. This growth has resulted in more and more people working from home and turning a spare room, garage, or even garden shed into a home office. With heating and lighting expenses already factored in to monthly household bills, the only real costs of running a home office business come from an internet connection, stationery, and printer ink.

Unfortunately, the latter is not always cheap, especially if your business relies a lot on printing. Cartridges can cost a lot of money to replace and having to do so every month or so can amount to hundreds of dollars over a year. As a way to keep costs down, an increasing number of home workers are turning to continuous ink supply systems (CISS).

Saving you money
CISS products are specially designed external bulk ink systems that supply ink directly to your inkjet printer through a capillary unit. Connecting to the printer via a cartridge, the system works in exactly the same way that standard black and color cartridges do, except when the ink runs dry there is no need for a replacement, you simply top up the ink.

Continuous ink supply systems consist of four or more (depending on your demands) ink tanks that contain a built-in monitoring feature to alert you of when a particular tank is running dry. When this happens, you can simply purchase bottles of ink and refill.

The ability to buy ink in bulk instantly means you are able to save money on the alternative of purchasing small and expensive manufacturers cartridges and eliminate the time spent finding the right type of ink for your model of printer.

In addition to this, you get to make the most of your ink. Printers are programed to alert the user when ink is running low; this, however, does not necessarily mean that ink has run out and cartridges are often thrown away with precious ink still in them. It is estimated that by switching to CISS, high-volume printers can save as much as 90% on replacement ink costs.

A greener way to print
Continuous ink supply systems have also proven themselves to be a much greener way of printing, not in terms of color (you wouldn’t want all text to be coming out green!), but in an environmental sense. The more cartridges you buy the more plastic and packaging that is being wasted. CISS drastically reduces this, helping the environment in the process.

Works with almost any printer
CISS products are universally adaptable and fully compatible with virtually every make and model of printer, including names such as Canon, Brother, HP, and Epson. They are also incredibly efficient and can be refilled even during a printing session, eliminating the frustration of having to redo a job due to ink running dry.